Sunny Leone with baby

Sunny has adopted a baby girl, we should be happy but we are committing anger

The society is given the fact that are not given every day to kill our children in care, burn, rape and victims of sexual violence in the society today porn star Sunny Leone at the movies be visible on TV There is concern about the child. The baby girl who has adopted Sunny Leone is 21 months old. This child has been adopted from Latur district of Maharashtra.

Violent, it is the face of Sunny Leone in brutal and insensitive society is exceedingly human. Because of giddiness of society itself to decent prompts morality which guise they are smear a woman? This society does not look impatient when the market is a buyer of woman. This society given thrust weapons in the vulva woman does not look nervous at that time. The question is, why the burden of whole morality is on the shoulder of the woman?

“Sunny Leone is a responsible mother. His mother can not be dismissed just because his image is of a porn star. “

It is not recorded in any law of our country that sex workers or porn stars can not adopt children, or they can not be mother. It is definitely a mother to be a mother and those who can afford this responsibility have the right to fill their laps. Sunny Leone is a responsible mother. His mother can not be dismissed just because his image is of a porn star.

Sex is established in the form of a large market today. This market of crores profits runs from this cultured society. Naomi Wolf says that there is sexual activity next to fashion. They give a brief description of the image of the woman in Western media advertisements. A woman’s mouth is open. He is going to kiss lipstick with his tongue. The second scene is that a woman boils like a chapay on a sand, her hip is in the air. There is a towel on her head. The eyes are closed, the mouth is open, it is a reference to an average American magazine. We know the market is leaned from such scenes.

Before the ’70s, the art of pornography or nudity was a menace. Beauty pornography reached its peak after 70 years. Pornography is also free when the woman becomes more free. Society does not hate society because it sells the woman’s body, but women who are forced to sell their bodies hate society. Interestingly, pornography standards do not apply in porn. It is a $ 100 billion dollar industry, 8 billion porn industry. Then which society and government have the courage to go against this industry?

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The truth is that the market has changed the woman’s freedom into her body. Pornno rape is the discovery of men. To convert a woman into a sexual object. Every mechanism traded in the woman’s body is anti-woman. When a woman speaks herself against this mechanism, society thinks that the woman who sells the flesh has a beautiful mind and heart. I appreciate the courage of Sunny Leone who has taken the iron from society and is fighting for its existence. We should be thankful to all such mothers whose heart is so big, who have adopted a life.


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