O my god! The women with lipstick inside the burqe came out very basharam

Well, think of an environment.
There are 50 crossed aged ones. It is a fondness to read fantasy books (pornography) from the youth itself, and after the wife’s ascension, she likes a girl of 26 years old. What’s the worst thing in this? Nothing special?

Now, think the second environment.
A woman works outside, she lays up in junk. The child is with the husband, but the husband also wants to get a job. What’s wrong in this? Nothing?

Think of the third hand and fourth atmosphere in the hand.
A boy’s boy wants to have his orange mareage, but the man standing on his feet wants to marry his girlfriend. What’s wrong in this? Another boy who wants to play songs and wear jeans, wants to be a rockstar. There is no harm in this? Is it or not?

Let’s now mescalculine to feminine gander in our mind all these environments. Do not understand? Meaning these four male characters convert to female characters. Now, the scenario that is formed, this is Lipstick under my Burka film.

One big thing is to know – the director of this film is also a woman – Alankrita Shrivastav The same, who made Gul Panag starring film Turning Thirty (30). And one thing- the film’s distributor is also a woman. TILPud’s TRP Girl – Ekta Kapoor

The film is the story of women of four different ages who are more or less present in every society. Usha ji is the daughter of the whole family. There is a passion for reading erotic literature, so a rosary inside them is getting young again. Secondly, Sherene, husband lives in Saudi. Wife is a child-bearing machine. Weeks comes for 10 days and goes to the eyes of the society, being raped, considered legitimate. (If the word of rape sounds bad, it can also read sex against desire) Well, Sheerin secretly hugs her husband for a job.

Third, Leela is the one who loves a photographer, but the family members are arrange their arrange for marriage. And the fourth Muslim girl Rihanna, who lives in Burke, but she has a dream like every young man. Simple, as she wants to wear jeans, wants to be a rockstar.

So, brother, this movie is a story – a Today Girl, an engaged girl, a married woman and an old woman with a juggling dream. The common things in these four are- Bhopal’s only one building has its own different needs, emotional closures, physical needs and their lipstick dreams.

Women would love to buy a lipstick after watching the film

For the first time a movie titled Lipstick came in the US in 1976. The subject of Lipstick, directed by Lemton Johnson, was about the rape and its revenge. As per the remake of this American film Lipstick, the scale of justice in Bollywood was made in 1980 and in Edgie Judy, Eddie Dharm in Telugu, in 1982. Both have been a hit.

Well, after placing the title of Lipstick under my Burqa, it was told that lipsticks are symbols of women, their small dreams, while the traditions being taken by Burqa society, dysfunctional things, alleged rites and sharia etc. The indicator is. Producer Prakash Jha, during the promotion last week, was shown to emphasize that small bursts of women like lipstick, their arrows, their freedom are confiscated inside this borker called social compulsions and backward thinking.

If you start bore, then read it, you will feel light

In the middle of the debate started on this movie, there was an incident in the whitspeed message on my mobile in the morning. Will you listen Hear it
In the 1980s a movie of the famous movie star, comedian and producer Dada Kondke came. The name was Rose, Mary, Marlow. The censor board quoted Etraraz: What is that name? Rose Marie. Dada said – These three girls are the story of Rose, Mary and Marlow. The censor board advised that the name seems to be a big porn, to be changed back and forth. Dada said – I do not have any etheras, you have to keep the name back and forth, keep it right. The censor board has been trying so far. Well, the censor board wanted to do the same with the film, but it was the effect of knocking on the court that the movie is in cinema hall.

Nihalani ji, now the stakes are upside down

The lipstick under my Burka film has been approved by the censor board for more than seven months. What went wrong, Nihalani! During this time the film got accolades around the world. Around the world, more than 35 film festivals were performed. And then and it has also won 11 international awards. If your cultured society’s alleged rites of rituals have gone away, do not you? However, there is no big deal for you. On one hand, education related to gender education is said to be necessary for the adolescent girls and you are sure that the sanitary nets also put a certificate of interest on films such as Fuloo focused on napkin. Keep doing, rest is not going to happen.


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